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Give For Real

The Give For Real Program

Mannatech’s Unique Give for Real program is simple, yet powerful.
You consume the nutritional products you need, and Mannatech helps a child in need.

Most of us have a desire to do something that will somehow make a positive difference in this world. But many people just do not think that they can actually do something that will make an impact. The truth is, if we would just stop and think for a moment about what it would mean to that “one child” out there somewhere who is starving or dieing from from lack of good nutrition, if we could save their life. To that one child, we would be a hero, a life saver! Wouldn’t that be worth it all?

Well, the great thing about the Give For Real program is that it gives everyone a chance to do just that. And not just one child, but we can actually impact the lives of many children just by our consuming some of the best nutrition that science has to offer.

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Our goal is linking millions of consumers to millions of at-risk children around the globe. The concept of “Donation Through Consumption” means that as our consumer business grows, so does our giving—and we need your help to make this dream a reality. Now it’s not just a company vision, it’s a partnership with like-minded individuals—social entrepreneurs, interested in making a change for themselves and for others.

Here is look at this program in action

Mannatech is more than just another supplement company. They are an industry-leading pioneer of Real Food Technology® Solutions. Their discoveries in aloe vera saccharide research and glyconutrition have led to products like Ambrotose® complex. Utilizing our Real Food Technology solutions, we are committed to your wellness through what we call our R4 Standards. Get more information on these revolutionary products here: Mannatech

For much more information, please visit Give For Real.

Please make a choice today to become a part of this Global Mission. Contact us and we will help you get started right away.

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Kaye Flack March 6, 2012 at 11:44 pm

Thank you so much for sharing this is a powerful program touching so many children around the world. So easy to be apart of too !! Great website and information


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